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A Fibro Girl's Operation Manual

Understanding your fibromyalgia, identifying your unique needs and communicating them clearly to your friends & family

Hey Girl, Fibromyalgia sucks!

Wanna live without the pain of fibromyalgia and quit being so tired all of the time? I’ll teach you how Healthy Living is the SECRET to a life you’ll love - minus the pain, low energy, headaches or bad days.

Healthy Living

I hit rock bottom. Fibromyalgia hijacked my life.

Now five years later,  I am able to enjoy my life to the fullest. The secret was Healthy Living! Now I’m here to guide you through the same holistic approach I used to reduce pain, have fewer bad days and less flares and to give your energy, sleep and your outlook a huge boost.


Healthy Living is for All for Life.

Start where you are. Start small. Start today

I want to help you learn more about healthy living with fibromyalgia and how it improves your life. This is not promoting any certain diet or a long list of should's and shouldn'ts or restrictions. It is not even "a one size fits all" approach. But, if I can empower you to take action for your own health, then it's a Win Win!

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Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food

~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

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