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Does your fibromyalgia keep you at home?

April 21, 20243 min read

Plan for Success


When was the last time you left your house? Do you automatically say no?

does your fibromyalgia keep you at home?

You're stuck at home... AGAIN... wishing that you could just be "normal"....

Hey Fibro Girl!

You’re stuck at home - again. Looking outside and wishing you were “normal” so that you could enjoy picnics in the park, a day at the beach with your family or a shopping trip with the girls. But you’ve got fibromyalgia. You’re worried about flares, pushing too hard and doing too much. Besides, you’re in too much pain anyways you tell yourself. Then you start feeling resentful and angry…and before you know it you’re back in that old, familiar dark place. I know it well. I used to be here.

1. The Secret

Fibromyalgia ISN’T a Death Sentence!

In fact, the more “normal” things you can do, the better you’ll feel. With a little planning ahead you can actually go out AND have a good time.

2. The Invitation

Let’s say it’s a shopping trip with the girls. And you really want to go. So here’s some ways to prepare for a fun day:

✨Can I rest before I go out?

✨Could I plan a quieter day the day before?

✨What do I need to make this an enjoyable time for me?

  • Water bottle

  • Snacks

  • Hat / sunglasses

  • Comfy outfit and shoes

  • Medicine

✨What do I need if I’m tired?

✨Would I be able to rest when I need to?

✨Could I drive myself there and leave before I reach my limits?

✨What is for supper? Can it be easy? Or make it ahead?

✨Make up your mind that today is a fun day and I’m going to take care of myself so that it will be. 

3. No More Left Behind

It might seem like that’s a lot of stuff to think about. But trust me when I say it’s well worth it. And it’s actually so automatic for me now. I’m able to enjoy most outings but it wasn’t always like that. 

Start small with just a few people. It’ll build up your confidence and your endurance for going out. 

4. A Game Changer

One other thing that I’ve found helpful during outings was having someone who knew what some of my challenges are so that they could support me if things got too much for me. In A Fibro Girl’s Operation Manual course that’s exactly what you’ll get - A way to share your needs with confidence to those who are closest to you. You can find out more here.

In fact, my mom just told me recently how much she appreciated receiving my manual. It helped her to really understand what was going on with me. I’ll bet your people would be so grateful too.


Krista- Your Thriving with Fibromyalgia Guide for Women

PS. In case you skipped all the way to the bottom, Here's the link for A Fibro Girl’s Operation Manual course. You'll learn about ways to make social outings easier on you.

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