Educating and Empowering Women with Fibromyalgia to Eat Well and to Live her Best Life in a Healthy and Sustainable Way

Why Sunflowers and Butterflies?

How we chose our name.

Sunflowers represent joy, happiness, loyalty, honesty, and peace.

Butterflies are often associated with transformation, new beginnings, change, hope and life.

Healthy Living

At Sunflowers and Butterflies we are passionate about health and how it can help with Fibromyalgia.

We believe that:

  • Healthy living can be easy and can be for life

  • Healthy food can taste amazing

  • Many health issues can be corrected or minimized with a holistic approach using food, exercise and other healthy habits

  • Everyone deserves to live their healthiest and best life possible


Healthy Living is for All for Life.

Start where you are. Start small. Start today

I want to help you learn more about healthy living and how to implement it into your life. This is not promoting any certain diet or a long list of should's and shouldn'ts or restrictions. It is not even "a one size fits all" approach. But, if I can teach you better ways, and help you to live your best life, even with fibromyalgia, and empower you to take action for your own health, then it's a Win Win!

How I can help you

Do you want to be part of a supportive family of amazing women who have decided to not allow fibromyalgia to rule her life, but live in a healthy way that helps her to manage fibromyalgia well? Join our family today!

Weekly live group coaching sessions. We are a very small group of women who are supporting each other in Healthy Living with Fibromyalgia, Save your seat for our next six week session!

Are you looking for some healthy recipes that will help you to feel better? Check out these nutritious and delicious fibro friendly foods.

Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food

~ Hippocrates, Father of Medicine


Keys to Healthy Living

6 ways to Improve your Fibromyalgia


Welcome to the first day of your healthier life!

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