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Love yourself without feeling guilty

May 05, 20242 min read

Hey Fibro Girl, you've got permission to love yourself.


The theme for this month is all about connecting. What better place to start than connecting with yourself?

loving yourself with fibromyalgia

6 Important questions to ask yourself if you have fibromyalgia.

Hey Fibro Girl!

Do you love yourself? Are you IN love with you? You certainly have permission to love on YOU! Because you matter, Fibro Girl.

6 questions

When was the last time you:

🥰Checked in with yourself?

🥰Felt what you’re feeling?

🥰Let go of stuff that no longer serves you?

🥰Chose to live your life the way you wanted to?

🥰Did something that you love for  the pleasure of doing it?

🥰Talked to yourself with so much love?

No Shame, here

Maybe you’re thinking it’s been waaayyy toooo looonnnggg! Maybe since fibromyalgia turned your life upside down that’s all you think about now?

I’d like to invite you in for a time just for you. You have permission to spend some time connecting with yourself.

A Shocking Truth

You’re NOT your fibromyalgia🤯.

You’re still a woman who has feelings, dreams, skills and passions. They might’ve become cloudy or even forgotten since you’ve had fibromyalgia, so it’s time to dust those off.

Take a deep breath – now– go ahead, I’ll wait – and let it out… Ahhhh! What is one tiny little thing you could do right now to connect with yourself? And that would make you feel really good. 

Because it might be a while (if ever) since you’ve connected with yourself, you may find that some heavy emotions  and feelings might start coming up. It’s ok and it’s normal. Download A Fibro Girls Guide to Taking Charge of Her Fibromyalgia to help process those emotions. And remember if it gets too heavy, reach out to a professional, a friend or even reply to this email. You’re not alone and you certainly don’t have to do it alone. 💜


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