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Fibromyalgia & Journalling


July 07, 20242 min read

Journaling helps focus my thoughts and brings peace to my soul. ~Leanne Barrett


Ah, the beauty of pen and paper. It can be a dear friend, a lightbulb moment. So much can happen when you allow yourself the time to be still and write.

fibromyalgia & journaling

Wanna know a secret to feeling better with fibromyalgia? Begin a new habit of journaling.

Hey Fibro Girl!

Have you noticed how much better you feel when you can talk out your thoughts?

Journaling is a great way to begin processing everything that goes on in your head. Or is it just me? 

Journaling for Wellness

Did you know that what’s going on in your head actually shows up in your life? If you’re thinking a lot of busy, anxious or even dark thoughts (and you’re not alone by the way), you might notice that you’re feeling stressed out and your fibro seems to get worse. You might even notice that you have more bad days and flare days. It did for me that’s for sure. 

The cool thing though, is that once those thoughts are released into your journal, you’ll feel better. Your journal is for you ONLY, so write whatever you need to.

Why Journal?


🌻Gets your thoughts out

🌻Helps you sort through them

🌻 Finds solutions

🌻Makes you feel better

🌻Cheaper than therapy (although I’m in FULL support of therapy, sometimes it just may not be accessible)

How to Journal

There’s also no right or wrong way to journal. 

You could just let your thoughts flow unedited. 

You could use prompts to get you started. 

You could just scribble or draw.

Journaling Tools + a free gift just for you

How about it? Are you going to give journaling a try? Here’s a gift 🎁 especially for you💜.

🎁 Download it here🎁🎁

If you find that some really heavy or dark thoughts come up around your fibromyalgia, then going through A Fibro Girl’s Guide to Taking Charge of Her Fibro is a great place for you to start processing those emotions. 


Krista- Your Thriving with Fibromyalgia Guide for Women

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