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Night Routines

November 12, 20232 min read

Night Routines + Fibromyalgia = Better Sleep


 Another thing that really helps with sleeping at night is a night routine. The purpose of a night routine is that it signals your brain and body that it’s ready for sleep.

night routines for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia keeping you awake at night? Find out how this one thing can help you feel more rested.

Hello Beautiful!

How did it go last week adding in a morning routine? If you’re feeling frustrated or it didn’t go as planned that is OK. New habits and routines take time to build. One day at a time. 

Night Routines

I’m sure that you’ve heard of some of the common things like getting off devices an hour before bed and not having food or coffee past a certain point…But here are some other ideas that you might want to consider. Remember you don’t have to try everything right away, just do the ones that feel best for you. 

🌜 Journaling

🌜 Yoga or gentle stretches

🌜 Meditation 

🌜 Deep breathing

🌜 A gratitude journal of everything you’re grateful for today

🌜 Wear specific pajamas only for bed

🌜 Review your day and release it with love

🌜 Set yourself up for a successful morning routine (choose your outfit, get anything ready for tomorrow, make sure everything is where you need it for morning journaling, reading etc)

🌜 Use a sleep mask and/ or earplugs

🌜 Have soft lights and soft music in the evenings

🌜 Wash face, brush teeth

🌜 Turn off devices and keep them in another room

🌜 Warm bath or shower, lotion only for bed…

Ready for Bed

A solid night routine signals the brain that it’s time for bed. With your day behind you it’s now time to end your day. Sleep is near. Keeping your bed and your bedroom for sleeping only at night will also retrain your brain for sleeping. Better and more restful sleep is possible for you, with just a few little tweaks. 

More Support

Sleep and more importantly restful sleep is essential to thriving with fibromyalgia. I can give you more guidance and support inside the Fabulous Fibro Family membership. See you there!


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