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November 19, 20232 min read

Is napping causing you to lose sleep?


We’ve been talking about ways to feel more rested and more specifically getting a restful sleep each night. Better sleep is possible for you even when you have fibromyalgia.


Have you been napping wrong? Keep reading to find a better way.

Hello Beautiful!

As you know fibromyalgia does drain your energy and often makes you feel exhausted. But here’s a weird paradox: the more time you spend “resting”, napping or lying in bed the more tired and exhausted you’ll feel. Even though fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, you are not sick, nor do you need to be a patient. Too much resting in the day may be the cause of you not getting a good restful sleep at night. And then it becomes a vicious no-win cycle. 

Napping: is it a bad habit?

So let me ask you: Is being exhausted all of the time the way you want to live your life? You have the power and permission to choose a better way. 

Napping may be a habit you might need to wean yourself off of so that you can have more energy and do the things you want to do each day. I also know that there are days when a nap is absolutely essential. I get it, just don’t make it the norm. 

Napping Tricks

Here are some of my tried and true nap tips that I have used to nap when I need to but to break the cycle of too much napping:

💜 Nap only if you physically can’t keep your eyes open any longer

💜 Nap on your couch only (NOT in your bed)

💜 Set a timer (even if you’re still tired, get up anyways)

💜 Nap before an event or an evening out

When napping is OK:

While I don’t NEED to nap everyday anymore, there’s still times when I must like:

After one (or too many) busy days in a row

  • Forgot to listen to my body and pushed through

  • Too many late nights and/or early mornings

  • Have neglected my self care

Napping when done right and as needed can 

  • Restore some energy

  • Help you to slow down 

  • Give you a couple more hours in your day

  • Refreshes your mind, body and spirit

A Different Way:

Napping when needed can be the best thing for you today, but when napping makes you feel worse not better or you don’t do much else in your day, then it’s probably time to make the decision to let that bad habit go. 

Healthy sleep is one of the main pillars to thriving with fibromyalgia. Join our members only, online space of other women learning to thrive with fibromyalgia and maybe even get better sleep in the process. Fabulous Fibro Family is ready for you!


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