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Make Peace with Your Fibro

February 11, 20242 min read

Accepting what is makes it easier to move beyond.


Fighting against what is, is exhausting. And you don't have that extra energy for that. Learning to accept what is feels so much better.

making peace with your fibro

 Acceptance: The key to thriving with fibromyalgia. 

Hello Beautiful!

Acceptance goes a long way in feeling good. It releases your grip on trying to control everything. Then it allows you to own the parts that are within your control. Trust me, it’s so much better just being responsible for yourself and controlling only the things that you can control. Stress levels go waaaayyyyy down

1. Less Stress

You can’t control the fact that you have fibromyalgia, but when you can accept that you do, it becomes so much easier to learn how to work WITH your fibro, instead of always fighting against it. 

And seriously, it’s exhausting trying to control so much. You don’t have that extra energy to spare. It’s just so much easier to make peace with the fact that you have fibromyalgia. Beautiful Friend let’s keep life as easy and simple as possible - using your energy for things that matter to you. 

2. Health Condition or Death Sentence

Fibromyalgia is for life, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a death sentence. NO WAY! Who wants to live like that anyways when you have the option of choosing acceptance? You’re capable of doing so much more - even with your fibromyalgia. You deserve to thrive!

3. Let's Choose Living

I want to show you how in Fabulous Fibro Family. There we talk a lot about making your fibromyalgia work for you. No flares. No fighting required.

And if you haven’t gone through the Owning Your Fibro guide yet, you can download it here. It’s a useful guide to help you sort out some of your feelings you may have with fibromyalgia.


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