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You Have Fibromyalgia - So What?

March 17, 20241 min read

Attitude is a little thing that can make a BIG difference ~Winston Churchill


Don’t trick yourself into thinking small. Allow your mind to grow into your best you. You have fibromyalgia- So What? You’ve got choices, How do you want to show up with fibromyalgia?

You have fibromyalgia - so what?

Can your attitude really affect your fibromyalgia? Keep reading to find out how....

Hello Beautiful!

You can either say I Can’t or I CAN. 

→Mindset is choosing to see your fibromyalgia as a growth opportunity instead of a death sentence. 

→Mindset is deciding to thrive with fibromyalgia instead of it beating you down

→ Mindset is showing up and doing your best - even with fibromyalgia

Power of the Mind

The thoughts and beliefs that go one in your mind affect how you 

  • Act 

  • Show up

  • Talk 

  • Live 

So you actually have A LOT more power than you think! And that also means that you have a lot more power over your fibromyalgia than you may have realized!

How are you going to use your MIND, your ATTITUDE, your THOUGHTS,

your BELIEFS, your WORDS to help you grow?

Remember that you don’t have to do this alone either. Remember last week when we talked about how your environment mattered? So why not surround yourself with other women who get you and want to see you grow into the best version of you. Fabulous Fibro Family is open and ready to support you. Find out more here


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