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Are you letting your fibro limits stop you?

February 04, 20242 min read

Fibro limitations: keeping you stuck... or ... freeing?


Don’t let your fibro limitations stop you. Overcoming your fibro limitations: You’re in charge.

fibromyalgia limitations

Thrive with fibromyalgia by accepting your limitations. Keep reading to find out how.

Hello Beautiful!

Have you ever noticed that when you truly accept something as is then you just feel peaceful? It’s like you’ve stopped fighting against something. Stress is gone. You feel more in charge. Things improve.

1. Are you stuck?

I know first hand the amount of limitations that come with having fibromyalgia. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of your own too.

For example: I used to be really active before I had fibromyalgia. But then struggling to go for a walk or carry a bag of groceries was exhausting. Once I was able to accept that and stopped fighting against where I used to be, it became easier to work towards a solution. I needed to have help going grocery shopping. As I became stronger, I didn’t need the help anymore. I was also able to become active again - just with modifications that supported my fibromyalgia and honoured my limitations.

2. Learn to be free

Here are a few of the limitations that I had to accept:

  • Doing less, but still feeling good

  • Needing to wear hat and sunglasses when I go outside

  • Using hiking poles on uneven ground

  • Being very selective about enjoying adult activities (eg: going out at night, social settings)

  • No more bike rides or runs (for now)

  • Can’t enjoy fireworks anymore

  • Leaving early or missing out on social gatherings

  • Being careful about choosing foods that make me feel good

3. It's in the words

I wonder if you can relate to any of these? I’m sure you have plenty of your own limitations too. 

Accepting these limitations allowed me to decide what I really like to do and then make modifications so that I can still enjoy many things.

And this is HUGE:

changing my words from  I CAN’T do —----- anymore into How CAN I make this work for me.

4. I'm here for you

No stress and so much more loving towards yourself when you’re able to accept those limitations. Give it a try. In Fabulous Fibro Family we work on limitations and find ways to have peace and still enjoy life to the full. Find out more!


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