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Raw Brownies

April 28, 20241 min read

Fibro Friendly Brownies


Who doesn't love brownies? And even better if they're good for you...

fibro friendly brownies

Seriously, you NEED these brownies... like NOW!

Hey Fibro Girl!

Hey, are you ready for a treat after all that planning you’ve done all month? These raw, no-bake brownies are so good for you and healthy. You can treat yourself AND feel good about it. It does take some planning ahead but well worth it!!

Raw Brownies

(Raw Essence by David Cote & Matthieu Gallant)

1 ½ cup dates

3 cups pecans (look for raw)

¾ cup dates soaked in water, pureed

¾ cup cocoa powder

⅛ tsp sea salt

  • Soak ¾ cup dates 2 hours in water enough to cover 

  • Puree water and dates til smooth

  • In food processor, chop pecans

  • Add in remaining ingredients, process until dough forms

  • Spread into 8x8 glass pan and press down

  • Refrigerate several hours til firm

Oh. My. Goodness! So Delicious!! Try them in a banana split or with chocolate sauce and strawberries. I’m drooling and might be making these right now 🤣😋


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