How it Works

We have planned the menus and bought or grown the ingredients.

We have provided you with pre-portioned and measured ingredients. Some you will prepare, some we will prepare, and together you will have a healthy, vegan gluten free meal for yourself or your family.

  1. Start by choosing meals
  2. Next your box will arrive at your house or office.  Once you get home, put everything in to the fridge. It will be in an insulated box with ice packs so there is no rush.
  3. Then cook up your meal using our easy to follow instructions.  You need to have pots, a frying pan, and an oven proof dish. A kitchen knife and some stirring spoons will be needed also. Most of our meals will be ready in 30 minutes or less. A few will take a longer.
  4. Finish up by enjoying a hot healthy meal for you or your family. You get all of the credit.



Many of our meals contain nuts or soy. Let us know in advance and we will make substitutions and avoid cross contamination.
You can choose the weeks you want to buy a meal plan. Just have your next order when you come back.
No. We will package food in an insulated box. We would be happy to deliver to your workplace as an option.
You can place your order at any time before Wednesday at 11:59 pm for Monday delivery.
Yes! All of our food is gluten-free prepared in a gluten-free facility. All of our food is vegan, dairy-free and void of refined sugars as well.
We expect that most meals should take around 30 minutes to make. Some will take longer, some less. These will be indicated.
Most of our meals will contain a healthy vegan protein source as part of the meal.
Our focus is on providing healthy vegan gluten free meals that are balanced with nutritionally sound carbohydrates, protein, and fats and of course veggies!
You can choose three, four, or five day meal plans. It's flexible! Maybe one week you want to purchase five meals, but the next week you just need to order three meals. You're in charge.

Please note photos are stock photos and may differ from actual meals.

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