Happy Summer! We need your input!

Hello Lovely,  Summer is here! A time for summer vacations, taking life easy and a chance to slow down a bit (maybe!).  We are going to do just that.   Our kitchen will be closed indefinitely as we take a much needed break. We will [...]

What’s the Deal about Sugar Alternatives?

Did you know that there are some healthier options to your typical white sugar? Taking a small step to reduce your sugar intake will have larger health benefits. Try some today! Hello Lovely,  Last week we talked about sugar and the harmful effects it has [...]

The Biggest Secret about Sugar

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere Hello Lovely,  Let’s talk about sugar. Many people have a sweet tooth that they like to indulge fairly frequently. But, did you know that eating foods made with refined white sugar can actually be toxic to your health? Common refined white sugar [...]

What’s For Supper?

WHAT'S FOR SUPPER? You know that question….What’s for Supper? It’s the bane of every person responsible for feeding their family or themselves. Hello Lovely, I know sometimes I just want to be told what to make. It can get tiring thinking about it. Just tell [...]

What You Really Should Know About Water

Let's Talk About Water Water is so important to our health and well-being. Did you know that every system and function in our body uses water? Hello Lovely,    With the weather getting warmer, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated. Water is by far [...]

Macronutrients: Why you need them

Macro-Nutrients What are they? Is this something I need? Why do I care? Hello Lovely, So, Macronutrients are the large categories of nutrients that your body needs daily. Carbohydrates Protein Fats Fiber Water Carbohydrates: primary source of energy for the body Simple- made up of [...]

What’s the Biggest Struggle You’re Facing Today?

GUILT Have you ever had THAT feeling? You know, the one where you eat something and then wish you hadn't? Hello Lovely,    So have you ever felt awful after eating? You know that feeling, when you chose to eat a huge piece of Black [...]

What is Clean Eating?

What you really need to know about Clean Eating. How "clean" is your food? What does that even mean? And no...I'm not talking about washing your food either. Keep reading to discover what we're talking about today. Hello Lovely,  Clean Eating is something that I [...]

What Would You Wish For?

What Is Your Wish? Better health? Easier food prep? Learn better techniques? Be more efficient in the kitchen? Eat more balanced meals? Hello Lovely,  Have you ever wished for a Fairy Godmother to wave her magic wand to: Change your situation Give you what you [...]

Hidden Veggies

Do you have a hard time getting enough veggies? Or are you trying to convince your kiddies to eat their veggies? Maybe you have that child who refuses to eat something because there is a green speck in their food? Do not despair! I’ve got [...]